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The Smeltery is easily one of the most important and most used machines in Slimefun. It can be used to smelt dust into ingots and craft more complex alloys and items. However, it must have a lit fire underneath it in-order to function. While you can manually right click with a flint and steel to ignite the fire when it eventually goes out, the Automatic Ignition Chamber will automate that entire task.

Crafting & Usage

The Automatic Ignition Chamber is crafted in the Enhanced Crafting Table using 4 Iron Ingots, a Flint & Steel, a Basic Circuit Board, and an Observer.

Once crafted, you will need to place it behind the Smeltery’s dispenser, facing towards it.

Then you can fill it up with flint and steel, and it will automatically light the fire as you smelt resources and use the Smeltery.

Before you can start using the Automatic Ignition Chamber, be sure to light the initial fire on the piece of netherrack under the Smeltery’s dispenser. If you don’t light the first fire – the Automatic Ignition Chamber will not perform the initial ignition when you try to smelt something.

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