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The Enhanced Crafting Table is your first essential machine. It is used to craft the majority of Slimefun recipes. To craft it, you’ll need a dispenser and a crafting table. Then simply place the dispenser somewhere in the world, and put the crafting table on-top of it. You may need to hold ‘shift’ while right clicking the top of the dispenser with the crafting table to place it.


To use the Enhanced Crafting Table, right click the dispenser and the items for your Slimefun Recipe. Then right click on the crafting table to craft the item. Once crafted, you can retrieve it from the dispenser.

You can also use this in conjunction with the Output Chest to automatically place crafted items into a chest.

When you have a recipe that requires the enhanced crafting table, you’ll treat the center 9 spaces as the ‘dispenser’. Take a look at the recipe for the electromagnet below. Everything in the red box is how you should place the recipe into the dispenser.

Then in the dispenser of the enhanced crafting table, it’ll look this like.

And after right clicking on the crafting table of the enhanced crafting table, your dispenser will have your new item!

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