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The Ore Washer is used to wash Sifted Ore. This process converted the sifted ore into resources, like Ores and small Stone Chunks.

The Ore Washer is a multi-block structure composed of a Cauldron with a Fence on top of it and a Dispenser on top of that.There’s no need to add water to the Cauldron.

Like most machines in Slimefun, to use the Ore Washer, simply place a Sifted Ore into the dispenser (you can place multiple stacks inside as well). Then, right click on the fence post and watch as your Sifted Ore is “washed” and turned into resources! The resources will fill up the dispenser if there isn’t an Output Chest in front of it. So be sure to leave some room inside the dispenser and collect your resources from it if you’re putting in multiple stacks of Sifted Ore. It fills up fast! 

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