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The Gold Pan will likely be one of the first items you craft as you begin your Slimefun adventure. It is used process gravel into Flint, Clay, Sifted Ore, or an Iron Nugget. The Sifted Ore is what you’ll use as you progress in Slimefun to create the resources for various Slimefun recipes.


The Gold Pan is crafted from five stone and a bowl in an Enhanced Crafting Table as shown below. 


Once you’ve crafted your Gold Pan, you can use it on a block of gravel. Start by holding the Gold Pan and right clicking on a block of gravel. The block of gravel will then break and drop one of the items above based on the following drop rates.

Item Drop Rate
Flint 40%
Siften Ore 35%
Clay 20%
Iron Nugget 5%
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